FAQs & Fees


How are Counselling & Psychotherapy


The terms counselling and psychotherapy are used interchangeably and even within the profession there is some discord as to whether they are different practices. It is generally accepted that counselling is shorter term work, focused on difficulties in the here and now and that psychotherapy is longer term work, at a deeper or unconscious level.


Who goes for Counselling?
Any-one can go for counselling.  It doesn’t mean you are ‘mad’ or ‘bad’, or selfish.  All who train for counselling have been through the process of being councelled and many counsellors remain in therapy for their professional lives.


How soon can I start?
You will be seen for an initial appointment usually within one week of your contact.  We will then discuss what is the best times for regular counselling sessions.


My fee ranges from £40 – £50 (50 minute) session. I do offer a certain number of lower cost places and these reduced rates are negotiable.

Payment is by either cash or cheque at the end of the session.  Bank transfer may make payments before each session with prior agreement.

Any cancellations received within the 48 hour period of your scheduled therapy session will be charged at full cost.  Any special circumstances or emergencies will be open to negotiation.


Financial Help?
May be available from your referring agency, your work place or your Private Medical Insurance.



Counselling is talking to someone with whom, you have a relationship based on trust, respect and confidentiality.


 It is important to attend our sessions regularly and practice good time keeping as it is not possible to extend your session.


 Missed appointments will be charged at the sessional rate unless 48 hours notice is given.