Erica Briley Counselling Services


EBMBACP, Humanistic Counselling in Transaction Analysis.  My counselling experience includes Southampton University, Life Changes (Southampton) and Olive Branch Christian Counselling Services in Winchester.  I work in Hamble, Southampton (The Grove, Natural Therapy Centre) and surrounding areas offering counselling support to individuals.


I am an experienced counsellor working with people over the age of 16.  I am a good attentive listener, with the ability to support others while they change, grow or work through a time of crisis.  I have enthusiasm to be a clear, honest and an open communicator.


I have an optimistic outlook and am fully committed to meeting the needs of individual clients and colleagues.


I am able to work with clients in relation to a broad spectrum of issues:

Relationship and Family Difficulties, Bereavement and Loss, Illness or infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage or Abortion, Depression and Anxiety, Stress, Post Traumatic Stress, Work Stress and Redundancy, Sleeping Problems or Insomnia, Life Change Adjustments, Low Self Esteem or Low Confidence, Self-destructive or Compulsive Behaviour, Disordered Eating or Self-Harm, Personal Development, Assertiveness, Anger Management, Bullying or Violence and a Lack of Meaning in your life.


 WHAT IS COUNSELLING?  Counselling is a process in which regular discussions and sharing of thoughts and other feelings with a trained counsellor helps you understand and resolve stress, whether it comes from circumstances, other people or even yourself.  Counselling does not seek to give advice or tell you what to do, but rather, in counselling, you are helped to arrive at your own conclusions and decisions.


Counselling can be an uncomfortable process, perhaps talking about things previously pushed aside by the pressure of everyday life.  It can also be a relief to explore your feelings in a totally private and confidential atmosphere.